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The Zydepunks » Music


Finisterre (2008)

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Finisterre by Zydepunks

Finisterre / album artwork by Heidi Martin

1. Papirossen In Gan Eden

2. Angel Whiskey

3. Blood Song

4. Por la orilla del mar

5. Dear Molly

6. When My Ship Sails Away

7. One More Chance

8. Cuando creceran las flores

9. Song For Mike

10. Long Story Short

11. La vie est courte et cruelle

Exile Waltz (2007)

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Exile Waltz by Zydepunks

Exile Waltz

1. Boudreaux Crosses te Danube

2. Big Man Walking in the Rain

3. Josette

4. Valse de Balfa

5. Andropov/Polka Felix

6. La Maraichine

7. Valse de creve de faim

8. Odessa Bulgar

9. Ma Tisere

10. Larideaux a six temps

11. Valse d’exil

12. Zydeco Cha Cha

…and the streets will flow with whiskey (2005)

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…and the streets will flow with whiskey

1. Madeleine

2. Satan/Dance You Fukr

3. Lowlands of Baghdad

4. A Fistful of Oysters

5. Bwamba’s Rambles

6. Eve’s

7. Tumbalalaika

8. Reel & Jig Set

9. Con ti se va mi corazon

10. Romanian Hora & Bulgar

11. Johnny Can’t Dance

12. Die Schwimmbadpiraten

13. Mabel’s Got the Blues